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national feature of business in Ukraine

When the war started...

...the world gave us three days.

We gave the world a chance to see

what is Ukrainian courage.


Tens of thousands of businesses in Ukraine

did not stop their work.

From the first day of the full-scale invasion:

- support the country's economy;

- organize a volunteer movement;

- take care of employees;

- pay taxes and save reliable rear.

Top Ukrainian companies
gave an interview

They said:

- how they prepared for the war;

- how the first days of the war were met;

- and what are the prospects after more than 6 months of war.



1 / Stories and interviews of representatives of large Ukrainian business

2 / Stories and interviews of small and medium-sized Ukrainian businesses
3 / Stories and interviews of international businesses in Ukraine
4 / Stories and interviews of funds investing in Ukraine

Our mission

Promote Ukrainian business abroad, provide as much relevant information as possible about successful cases,
and attract more investments to Ukraine

Quotes from Ukrainian business representatives, managers and entrepreneurs regarding the first days of the war

"I wanted to say "that you don't need to be bold and lazy and have a plan for any situation", but I understand that you can't plan everything, so I would leave everything the way it works for us."

Anatoly Rogalskyi

Monobank, Director of Marketing

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